Cameron Shafii is an Iranian composer practicing electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions are inflected with a host of digital synthesis processes and are informed by aspects of acousmatic theory, particularly spectromorphology. His works do not impose any temporal scheme upon the listener - rejecting the semiotic operation of 'engagement/disengagement'. ‘Pithy & Prolix’ and ‘Corpora Vilia’ - two forthcoming full-length albums for the Anòmia and Conditional labels - present asymmetrical narratives that articulate tension, amorphous forms, and complex sonorities, signifying a plurality of meaning and complication.

Cameron has performed at concerts, festivals, and workshops, and has exhibited pieces as sound installations in the US and Canada. He runs the Ge-stell label and is based in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in German at the University of Pennsylvania.

Photo: Suzy Poling