Sote is the moniker of Tehran-based producer Ata Ebtekar, who in the past twenty plus years has released his works on various labels including Warp, Sub Rosa and Morphine. Sote's goal is to create unique and timeless pieces of music that are not available anywhere except in his mind.

His Ge-stell EP 'Hyper-urban 20 30' aligns hardcore techno aesthetics with computer music tropes, displacing form and convention while reimagining the in-between spaces between East and West, present and future. Sote’s pieces can be heard as sonic tales which deconstruct rules and formulas to regenerate electroacoustic designs to articulate crisis and harmony. In 'Hyper-urban 20 30', synthetic soundscapes appear fresh and futuristic, lively and vivacious. Ebtekar reflects on the work below:

“'Hyper-urban 20 30' [continues] my path of beatless electronic music that aims for the brain to send movement signals to the rest of the body. For this release in particular, it was important for me to make electronic music with a heavy focus on rhythm and synthesis without using any fashionably expected percussive sounds such as [an] everyday kick, snare and hi hat. I believe that an intense energy and hardcore aesthetic can be achieved without having to rely on any conventional beats. So, [whereas] Architectonic and Arrhythmia, on Morphine and RLR, were paradoxical odes to techno and noise, 'Hyper-urban 20 30' on Ge-stell aims for a future funk feel."


Text: Cameron Shafii
Photo: Sadaf Azadehfar