Christophe Charles (born in Marseille, 1964), works with found sounds, and makes compositions using computer programs, insisting on the autonomy of each sound and the absence of hierarchical structure.

Graduated from Tsukuba University (Phd., 1996) and Paris INALCO (Phd., 1997). Currently Professor (kyouju) at Musashino Art University (Tokyo).

Christophe Charles has released music on the German label Mille Plateaux / Ritornell ("undirected" series), and on several compilations (Mille Plateaux, Ritornell, Subrosa, Code, Cirque, Cross, X-tract, CCI, ICC, Ge-stell, etc).

Group exhibitions: ICC "Sound Art" (Tokyo, 2000), V&A "Radical Fashion" (London, 2001), etc. Permanent sound installations at Osaka Sumai Jouhou center (1999), Narita International Airport Central Atrium (2000).

Kozo Inada is a Japanese sound artist whose compositions explore functions of austere minimalism and spatiotemporal irregularity. His compositions utilize software processes to treat field recordings and are marked by sparse, quiet sounds which abruptly conclude, crescendoing into layers of sound which are at once dense and visceral. Inada has produced compositions for labels including Digital Narcis, Room40, Sonoris and Staalplaat and has collaborated with Phillip Samartzis and Christophe Charles, to name a few. His forthcoming collaborative LP with Christophe Charles, titled i[], will be released on Cameron Shafii’s Ge-stell label in 2017.

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Text: Cameron Shafii and Christophe Charles
Photo: Unknown