There is in Chris Douglas’ Dalglish an elusive spot that resists pinpointing, an articulation on the trajectory from here to there, from point of origin to target. There is in his productions a dense, dot-like point scattered with cells.

Douglas started in San Francisco, where he held ambient techno parties with Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum), and in 1992, he released his first 12” titled 'Basilar' as O.S.T. while residing in Detroit. There, he learned from and formed close ties to ‘Mad’ Mike Banks (Underground Resistance) and James Stinson (Drexciya). Several years later Douglas returned to San Francisco releasing titles for Phthalo and Isolate, among others, in addition to the dance-hostile 'Seimlste' 2 x LP on his Qlipothic label. In 2001, he supported Autechre as O.S.T. for their 'Confield' tour, and in 2003, was selected by Autechre to perform at ATP 3.0, in Camber Sands. Since then, Douglas has been based in Berlin. In between lines other names occur - Dalglish, Seaes, Scald Rougish - covering what was not mentioned.

Chris Douglas’ Dalglish is very personal and his Ge-stell debut 'Dorcha Aigeann' carries with it a range of meaning and complication. His compositions render bright, brittle passages, allowing for exploration of fatigue and fracture in digital signal processing techniques. These tracks are entangled into a web of splintering percussive patterns, arrhythmic textures and amorphous forms, titled in an asymmetrical variant of Scots Gaelic. In 2015, Dalglish toured the West Coast with Cameron Shafii, returning to the United States for the first time in over a decade.


Text: Cameron Shafii
Photo: Marc Zendrini