Chris Douglas (b. 1974), known primarily for his work as O.S.T., is an electronic musician from San Francisco, California. He is noted for helping develop the style of music that came to be known as IDM.

Douglas was introduced to the all-night rave party scene in 1990. This inspired him to start to DJ and make tracks, and at just sixteen he began throwing the first ambient techno parties in San Francisco. At the age of 17, Douglas left for Detroit to find creative freedom. While there he worked with several of his heroes; Mike Banks of the fabled Underground Resistance and the late James Stinson of Drexciya.

Adopting the pseudonym O.S.T., Douglas recorded his first EP for Detroit-based Switch Records in 1992.[8] This was the beginning of a 20+ year career spent pushing the boundaries of electronic music. He later explained to The Wire magazine “I have been alone since an early age and through my work I learned a lot about expression, humanity, emotions.”

In 2002, Douglas was invited by Autechre to join them as support act on their Confield tour. Following this, they also requested that he perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival they curated in April 2003. Douglas relocated to Berlin following an undisclosed "tragic event" and has remained there ever since.

2012 was a period of hyperactivity for Douglas; in the space of one year he released a double album and EP on Icasea, compiled several DJ mixes, performed live at Roskilde, Exotic Pylon and CTM Festivals, self-released the album Onsime via his Amhain Bandcamp page, and contributed a remix to Ektoise's Distortions album.

Photo: Marc Zendrini