In more ways than one, Tom Knapp has been active in the United Kingdom underground music scene since the late 1990s, as a DJ, musician, label owner and promoter for the Leeds-based electronic music night Vector.

In 2008, following a stay in Japan, he began the Icasea label with Satoshi Aizawa and Alex. Like Vector, Icasea was initially conceived as a collaboration that featured its founders as core members around various configurations of external collaborators, though in time, it morphed into a label and extensive blog. Icasea became the nodal point in the development of Knappā€™s solo audio works, providing a framework for him to experiment with digital synthesis driven by hardware sequencers. He adopted the Skeksi moniker, under which he released a seven-track compilation of recordings from live performances for the Feral Tapes label. Icasea has been dormant since 2014. Since then, Tom started the MEDS label with Anthony Locke, releasing material for Wanda Group, SEAES (Chris Douglas, Dalglish) and Dave Burraston (Noyzelab, NYZ), to date. Tom is currently in PKKT, an electroacoustic improvisation duo with Kieron Piercy (Spoils and Relics), whose compositions are inflected by tape edits. He has performed live alongside the likes of Rashad Becker, Pimmon and SND, among others.

Photo: Mat Steel